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Postgraduate Institute Introduction

Beijing University of Chemical Technology is established in the year 1958, it’s been named Beijing Institute of Chemical Technology. As a high-level university, it was established to train advanced chemical engineering talents whom are demanded of cutting-edge science and technology. It is a national key university belongs to the ministry of education, a national “211 project” and key university of “985 advantage discipline innovation platform”, and shoulders the mission of training high-level innovative talents, researching basic and forward-looking science and developing originality of new and high technology.

Since China recruit training graduate student system, BUCT has been included in the national graduate admissions, and started to accept and train postgraduates. Chemical Engineering and High Polymer Material have been set. We took in 17 postgraduate students for the first batch at that time. In November, 1981, The academic degrees committee of the state council approve BUCT to confer master degree to majors of Mass-transfer and Separation Engineering, Chemical Reaction Engineering, Chemical System Engineering and High Polymer Material and so on. Our school became one of the first batch of units in a master's degree award authority. In January of 1984, BUCT was approved to be able to confer doctorate, and became a unit which has a bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate awarded. Through 57 year’s development, at present, our school has a national level key disciplines (covering five secondary subjects), 2 national key disciplines, 1 national key (foster) discipline, three level key discipline of Beijing(14 secondary key discipline), two cross key discipline of Beijing city, three secondary key discipline of Beijing, 7 post-doctoral mobile stations, 6 first-level discipline doctoral degree, 30 level of disciplines(including independent setting), 96 graduate professional degree graduate, 12 engineering fields. We have already been a distinctive key university which is good at science and engineering course, contains courses of management, economics, law, literature, education, philosophy and medicine, which trains postgraduate students of Chemical engineering and technology, materials science and engineering, chemistry, power engineering and engineering thermal physics, control science and engineering, environmental science and engineering, philosophy, law, marxist theory, mathematics, physics, mechanics, mechanical engineering, computer science and technology, light industry, technology and engineering, food science and engineering, software engineering, safety science and engineering, pharmacy, management science and engineering, business administration, public management. The subjects basically covers chemical industry, petroleum chemical industry and the main field of related industries. Our subjects has its own characteristics in chemical, some of them has reached the international advanced level.

    School's scientific research is strong, and provide strong support for graduate education, with " state key laboratory of effective use of chemical resource", "national key laboratory of organic and inorganic composite materials", "national engineering laboratory of designing and producing tires", "national carbon fiber engineering technology research center" and other national research institutions; 11 provincial and ministerial key laboratories, 16 provincial, ministerial engineering technology research center (station), with the national university science park. 

School teachers are all outstanding, which laid a solid foundation for high-level personnel training. And till December 2014, BUCT has a total of 1092 people full-time teachers, 701 positive, associate professors, 6 members, the national "one thousand project" the introduction of expert 2 people, 1 national outstanding professional and technical personnel, the ministry of education "cheung kong scholars programme" distinguished professor of 11 people, professor 2 people, 6 people, the "973" chief scientists of national outstanding youth fund gainer 17 people, the ministry of education across (new century excellent talents of 72 people.

In graduate education link, the graduate school attaches great importance to improve graduate student innovation ability as the core, comprehensively improve the quality of postgraduate education as the goal, carefully planning and design four links of the "admission - culture - degree - research workers".

In the recruitment of students work, we adhere to the principle of "fair, just and open". Carry out the principle of merit, quality assurance, nothing more, increase the transparency of graduate student recruit students, ensure that the quality of the recruit graduate students. Since 1978, we’ve recruit graduate students of more than 1978 people, including  21934 master graduate students, a doctoral candidate in 2406. At present, the school has 6040 full-time graduate students, including 766 doctoral, 5274 master graduate students.

In the training work, we highlight the graduate student training mode of implication under the guide, set up open innovation training center and production, joint training base, formed a domestic visiting and international joint training system, adopt the elastic length, encourage outstanding graduate study for a doctorate in advance, constantly improve informatization construction, the work of graduate management increasingly standardized and efficient.

In degree working, we make a standard of "opening - mid - degree" each link, strictly supervise the quality of degree thesis, by means of rechecking or blind review, which prevent misconduct behavior, for improving the quality of graduate education.

In the graduate student work, we set up "award, loan, help," as the main body of the total reward fund system, promote cooperation with famous enterprises at home and abroad to set up more than 30 society funded scholarships. All students can get difficult allowance or national student loan. We vigorously carry out "a teaching assistant, research assistant, help tube" work, basically covers all PhD students and part of the master, solved the trouble back at home of graduate students.

Under the joint efforts of all the tutors and graduate students, BUCT has gradually formed in our school course cross discipline integration system of graduate education and trained innovative talents. In recent years, the graduate employment rate has remained at higher than 98.0%, especially in the field of petrochemical industry, our school graduate students are in short supply at present situation.